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Manure technology from Fliegl on video: Pump tanker Green Line with trailing shoe distributor Skate

The Fliegl pump tanker in the Green Line Edition and the trailing shoe distributor Skate make a convincing impression in a field test. The optimal weight distribution and very compact transport dimensions ensure a pleasant driving behavior - both on the field and on the road.

The automatic pump shut-off (switching of the valves) not only prevents overflow during the filling process, but also allows the tank volume to be fully utilized up to the last liter. Even on steep slopes, the tractor/tanker combination is optimally ballasted due to the hydraulic axle shift.

The Fliegl trailing shoe distributor Skate stands out for its low weight, the user-friendly comfort control "Easy" and the tidy and short hose routing. It is fitted with the proven screw distributor which easily separates interfering foreign objects. The required oil capacity to operate the Fliegl Skate is only a staggering 20 liters / minute. The Fliegl Skate ensures optimal application not only on the field, but also on grassland. With the help of angle sensors, the distributor folds synchronously in every position, jerky movements are avoided. Convince yourself of the other features of the innovative manure technology from Fliegl in the video below.

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